Fitness Resistance Band Set

Fitness Resistance Band Set



The York Fitness Resistance Band Set is ideal for Pilates, resistance training, physical therapy and mobility training.

The set comprises of 3 resistance bands in increasing strengths.

You can start by using a lower amount of resistance, then work your way up as you build muscle and strength.

The bands can be wrapped around feet, ankles, calves, thighs, wrists, or upper arms for a wide range of exercises.

The resistance loop bands are versatile and offer a wide range of training exercises and can be used to target different muscle groups.

Made from high-quality rubber, the resistance bands offer long-lasting, durable performance, which can help you both strengthen and tone your body.

Key Features

3 piece set of exercise and resistance loop bands.
Ideal for Pilates, resistance training, physical therapy, and mobility training.
Choose from light, medium, and heavy bands for customized resistance.
Durable rubber bands.